About The Fridge Peep Show

Here is a peep inside various random refrigerators.  This project is a mixing bowl of eye candy, a juxtaposition of art and the mundane.   As you will learn, my fridge quest has brought me to not only my friend’s fridges but several talented graffiti artists, sculpture artists, interior designers, photographers and everyday people that make me laugh and bring me joy.

I’ve made it easy as cake for you to get your voyeurism on.  After all, It’s just food.  Isn’t it?  If you are a foodie, an artist, like to play detective, or just a plain ole’ snoop, you will find this interesting.  There are other blogs watching fridges and other confessed voyeurs of the ice box.  However, this one is cooler.  Enjoy your peeping!

Twitter: @fridgepeeper



The Fridge Peeper


3 Responses to About The Fridge Peep Show

  1. feistyredhair says:

    This is hilarious! It’s so true that fridges say tons about a person! I love peeking into people’s fridges, so I’ll be checking this out some more. Maybe I’ll even send in a picture…

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