Early Summer Schedule Announcement!

Are you looking forward to seeing The Sly Digs again?  Or maybe it’s your first time?

Either way, we aren’t too gentle, but guaranteed to satisfy. 

5/27 – CIA – NoHo (The Sound Of Ghosts album release party)

6/11 – The Mint – LA (with L.Ariel, Lady and the Gentlemen, and The Royal Panics)

6/18 – Mother’s Saloon – San Diego – OCML

6/25 – Boscoe’s – Lake Forest – OCML (Chad Martini’s birthday party)

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It’s been a while since you’ve seen my box

Well ya know.  A fridgepeeper doesn’t spend all her time peeping.  Today while at work I thought I’d google “Friday memes” to get myself in the mood for the weekend.  Naked amputee appears in search.  Not exactly what I was searching for.


I thought I’d fill your eyeballs with some some sexy fridge porn.  Happy Friday, fellow peepers!ImageImage


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Happy Mothers Day to all you Muthas




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Got my mind on my money & my money on my mind…

Just sayin’.  Today’s post is all about that cheese and not the kind with holes in it.


You got your cash in the fridge?  Show me the money!  marcibones@gmail.com

I hope your day is pleasantly green.


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Bad Babies!

Look at this bad baby I found, “some recycled refrigerator artwork, courtesy of the ENERGY STAR® Recycle My Old Fridge Campaign, by Michael Stebbins” from The Switch Board

Make art.  Make art with your fridge.  Make art on your fridge.  Just make it.

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A Veggie Heart’s Fridge From the LBC

An example of how vegetarian she is: She will not eat honey roasted peanuts because they are coated in gelatin (horse hooves).  She is so vegetarian she had to education another veggie veteran about this.  Quite admirable considering my vegetarian attempts lasted weeks, if that.

This white girl likes her some humus something fierce.  I am going to miss her.

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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

This Fridge belongs to Photographer, Matt Costa.  I suspect his wife will not let any mold grow long enough for him to take macro photos of it.  Ah well. 🙂  Somehow, he manages to make the KFC look artistic and vibrant.  Check out his photos of the Ren Fair, bugs, water droplets and others on FaceBook.  Thanks Matt!Image

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