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Bad Babies!

Look at this bad baby I found, “some recycled refrigerator artwork, courtesy of the ENERGY STAR® Recycle My Old Fridge Campaign, by Michael Stebbins” from The Switch Board Make art.  Make art with your fridge.  Make art on your fridge.  Just … Continue reading

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A Veggie Heart’s Fridge From the LBC

An example of how vegetarian she is: She will not eat honey roasted peanuts because they are coated in gelatin (horse hooves).  She is so vegetarian she had to education another veggie veteran about this.  Quite admirable considering my vegetarian attempts lasted … Continue reading

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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

This Fridge belongs to Photographer, Matt Costa.  I suspect his wife will not let any mold grow long enough for him to take macro photos of it.  Ah well. 🙂  Somehow, he manages to make the KFC look artistic and … Continue reading

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Hot Dog Hoarder

The Fridge Peeper is pooped from Coachella but managed to find this winner, or wiener for that matter. Code 2x ‏ @FaxSquad11 on Twitter says his mom is a hoarder. Because someone likes wieners.  Enjoy the show some vintage commercials below.

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Fridge Magnet Porn

Brought to you by another family member of mine.  Thanks, Meg! Most folks, don’t bat an eyelash and hand over the fridge porn.  I love it!

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Weird Fridge

Fridge from Space I just don’t know what is going on here but it does not matter.  I would love to have this print framed and on display in my kitchen. Bad Ass Head in Freezer Costume Good times.  I … Continue reading

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The Fashion Photographer’s Fridge

One of my favorite people sent me this shot.  I do not think this thing belongs to him personally but, I love it none the less.  And I am quite curious to hear the story behind this.

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