Hot Dog Hoarder

The Fridge Peeper is pooped from Coachella but managed to find this winner, or wiener for that matter.

Code 2x ‏ @FaxSquad11 on Twitter says his mom is a hoarder.

Because someone likes wieners.  Enjoy the show some vintage commercials below.

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Liquor, I don’t even know her

This one come from my Fashion Fotographer Friend once more.  Well the theme is booze.  The Fridge Peeper is going to get her booze on and dance with zombie tu-pac at Coachella.  What are you doing this weekend?


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Abandoned Fridge

Finding art and those things left behind.  The past can be fun to look at or sometimes very painful.  Hopefully this will be inspiring.

On the road

In the woods

Graffiti Art Fridge

Katrina Fridge

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Fridge with a case of the Mondays

Crafty Anger Management Fridge

Barbie has gone Cray-Cray! Fridge

Baby Eater

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Fridge Magnet Porn

Brought to you by another family member of mine.  Thanks, Meg!

Most folks, don’t bat an eyelash and hand over the fridge porn.  I love it!

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Weird Fridge

Fridge from Space


I just don’t know what is going on here but it does not matter.  I would love to have this print framed and on display in my kitchen.

Bad Ass Head in Freezer Costume



Good times.  I think I might adopt this for my own costume.  However boxes are hard to wear for hours at a time.

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OG Jersey Girl’s Fridge

Who now lives in Utah.  She is one of my favorite Jersey Girl’s and can find you a Jewish Deli with her eyes closed.

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