The Fridge Peeper is tired of Snooki’s cleavage

And more importantly, some other pressing personal issues.  I think the pain manifests in small things like seeing Snooki’s bosom.  Yeah, I don’t know why that makes yahoo news.  Why not the girl from Game of Thrones?  Now her breasts are far more newsworthy.  Although I started out with the intent of posting angry, psychotic, pms-induced fridges, I am going to stick with the positive.

How about amusing your family by putting some toys in your fridge like Zombie Chris?  Or use the fridge to sell your wares like youngster, @LoveandSandwich.  She makes these cute fuzzy things and sells them on Etsy.


Or check out this Play with my Food guy.Image

He likes to stage his toys around the fridge.  He has some really cool geek scenarios using excellent photography.  He reminds me a lot of the film, Marwencol, which I loved. Image

Either way, I am going to try to have some fun this Friday. And my advice to you all is to try not to let the things that have beat you in the past keep you down.  That shit’s over.  Let’s move on.


About Art by MARCI BONES

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