Talkin’ Sauce Like a Boss

Oh yeah, I am guessing roommates or a couple, definitely a 2 person domicile.  I would say no kids due to the small amount of milk.  And it looks like they’re fixin’ to make some spaghetti dinner.  They know a good bargain because they shop at Staters.  These two like to cook!

* This is 949’s Fridge- I actually don’t know the person who sent me this fridge.  They texted it to my phone.  Perhaps I deleted the contact or they are being sneaky and sent it to me with someone’s phone.  Regardless, I am super pleased to be getting these pics.  I was on twitter @fridgepeeper showing my #sauce and came across a whole universe of euphemisms.  Sauce!

Urban Dictionarysauce

About Art by MARCI BONES

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