Philadelphia Cream Cheese

I have to wonder: Does the cream cheese stick out to me because I know that this person is from Philly?  Am I just being cheesy or is this subliminal fridge placement?  I totally am.  It’s late.  I am so excited about this project that I am missing “Clam Pizza” on Food Network to say some things about someone I know’s fridge.  Nothing too personal or too telling.

I have to give a shout out to the Tapitio!  And I must mention that I have the same blue pyrex dish!  I had to have it because it was blue.  Notice the saran wrap on the tuna salad looking dish in the tupperware (dating myself) plastic container?  That’s because those things lose their lids like prom dresses in parking lots.  Just like every mate to cute pair of socks I’ve owned!

I have not come across a vegetarian fridge.  But, I am sure someone will do me a solid an send me one.


About Art by MARCI BONES

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